Olivier Dejean: I was almost born in a radio station!

Telling stories and rising emotions of the audience has always been my creation state of mind from a radio station shows to films production.

  • My father, as a fan of music, created Radio Frégate, in Le Port (FRANCE) and in which my mother also a host. The Sound is the path I choose to enter in the audiovisual world. I hosted my own radio show at only 9 years old: I was for a long time the youngest one of Reunion (FRANCE). Brought up in this culture of sound and music, my father taught me selective listening. It improves ears, it rises critical listening and it creates imagination … In 1998, I became a sound engineer in Toulouse and I joined Radio France. Radio show is a fabulous medium because the radio audience has to create a visual world only from the sound of your voice. In 2003, I founded Vert M Prod, my production company and shortly after, produced a radio sitcom… Radio again! The taste of telling stories began then. Even if I produced TV ads, I quickly turn myself to documentaries. I love telling stories: that’s how I see my job. I tell stories about the place I live in, Reunion Island. 

Rising emotions

  • I like it rising emotions in my audience. A decade ago, I produced series dealing with local tales. It took place in my Grand mother garden. She spent such a good moment that she told me it was such a long time she had not lived this tales moments. I was proud of me.


(Text: Sully Andoche/ Dir. Stéphane Payet, ©Hémisphère Prod 2008)

  • From “Walls can speak”, a 52 min graffiti artists portraits to Charles Baudelaire through a creole beliefs project, all my films have a direct link with Reunion. And my first film critics are here to patrol: friend’s children! All my films are “validated” by them! If they haven’t caught anything from the film: I was wrong somewhere in the film! (They are the hardest critics in the business, believe me!). Born VERT M PROD, my company name is now VMP FILMS. 

When I wake up in the morning,
it’s to make films.
This is the best job ever.
Nothing more beautiful.