An unexpected award!

From a bad day to the award night, the final was worth to be waited for.

If I had know, I would have bet at the national lottery….

  • Act 1

The story begins at one of this moment you are struggling against a film which lasts and lasts and… lasts! Actually, just because of its too… demanding client! (Let’s say it that way…) Suddenly, my cell rings: a mail dealing with submitting films at an Urban Film Festival. “Why not!!!”. I remember of a 27 graffiti artists episodes series I recently directed, I decide to edit four of them. This 12 minutes best of done: I send it through a we transfer. That is what I believe at this very moment. I try a first time, a second one and quit at the first: no time to cope with such a bad Internet connexion (I don’t forget the demanding client…).

  • Act 2

Few weeks later, I learn I am on of the nominees of the local final, here in Reunion Island (FRANCE). I had told such bad things to my “bad” Internet connexion…. Totally unfair from me! Gods of Internet were in my side! But not the documentary ones: an other film win the final. Never mind, it was a good experience, I congratulated the winner and went back at the studio.

So many stories left to be told…

  • Act 3

Few weeks later, the Urban Film Festival (the International management) call me back and announces me they liked my film and I was part of the International final. Great news! But, I was in Paris at that time and my journey planned a take off to Reunion Island before the beginning of the festival! You won’t say I am lucky… Well, let’s believe in this little voice saying it maybe interesting to take off ew days after and look for a place to stay meanwhile!

  • Epilog

The following is just: a great joy! In the french overseas areas category, a director from Neo Caledonia (I loved his film too) and I won the award.

What a end for an experience so badly started. It’s been 15 years, I’ve been making film: this is the first time I submitted to a competition, the first time I was nominated, and the first time I won.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should not have thought about the Oscar for this first time…